TFS 2013 Tools list for 2014

Over the course of the last few months there have been some new updates to existing TFS tools and new ones created to help all of us administrate and manage our TFS environments.  I’ve put together a list of my favorites tools.  I’ll be add more to the list as this new year continues.   All of the download links are at in the each tool titles

TFS Administration Tools

Team Foundation Sidekicks

Attrice release the latest version of the Team Foundation SideKicks 2013 last month.  Now I love this tools to help manage  a TFS  2013 environment.   So of the cool feature are the workspace and permissions views.  If you have done any TFS administration you well know how useful this tool is. 

TFS Team Project Manager

On CodePlex there is a great tool to help automate various task across Team Projects.  TFS Team Project Manager is like the TFS SideKicks but has additional features. 

View activity
Manage build definitions
Manage build process templates
Manage security
Manage source control
Manage work item configuration

Architecture Explorer Work Item Extension
Again on CodePlex a visualization tools that shows work item relationships. Here is the a screenshot of the tool.



TFS Workspaces Cleaner

From the website: TFS Workspaces Cleaner deletes Team Foundation Server workspaces that have not been accessed in a number of days, along with their files locally on disk.  This can be very handy with you are doing an upgrade.

TFS Administrators Toolkit for VS 2013
A collection of tools to assist the TFS Administrator

Auto Version Incrementer
Each build project or solution, increase selected project assembly and file version +1.

Team Foundation Server Word Add-in
The Team Foundation Server Word Add-in imports work items from a Team Project and generates professional-looking documents. A typical scenario is requirements management in Word Doc format, allowing users to collaborate with the project team while using their favorite application.

Test Case Manager
A widows application which extends and adds new features to MS Test Manager.

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