TFS 2013 and SharePoint 2013 Excel Services

With TFS 2013 and SharePoint 2013 Enterprise version you can use the Excel Services to display a number of reports to the internal and external teams.  The Excel reports can provide management that instant view on how a project is progressing. Now a days, manager’s want to have quick real-time dashboard with meaningful data to view for decision making. For example, here are some common reports that can displayed.

Bug Trends report

Burndown chart

From MDSN site on Excel reports

Here is another example of SharePoint integration and Excel reporting


From Martin Hinshelwood – naked ALM on Integrate SharePoint 2013 with Team Foundation Server 2013


How To

In most cases TFS will be installed on a different server then the SharePoint enterprise server. In order to enable the Excel reporting in the SharePoint 2013 enterprise version, you need to configure the Secure Store Service in order to perform a double hop  authentication from the SharePoint server to the TFS App and Data tier.  The Secure Store Services is required if you want to enable Excel Service for any of the sites within the SharePoint enterprise farm.

To get started. Here is the link that has a video demonstration on how to Configure the Secure Store Service in SharePoint 2013 enterprise

Once the Secure Store Service is setup, you can connect the TFS to the SharePoint farm.  Below are links that will walk you thru the process (These links are for 2010, but the processes are the same).

Create SharePoint Web Applications and Sites for Use with Team Foundation Server

Access Site Administration or Central Administration for SharePoint Products

Add Integration with SharePoint Products to a Deployment of Team Foundation Server

Integrate Team Foundation Server with SharePoint Products Without Administrative Permissions


Excel reports in SharePoint can be a powerful tool for displaying project status and other critical matrices to decision makers. With a little bit of work, you can create custom reports that a manager wants to see on a regular basis.  By having the reports in the Excel Services and auto refresh set, that bi-weekly status report can be replaced by a simple URL, giving you back time that can be used on other important tasks.

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