What is a Software Delivery Pipeline and why do we need it

The build and release process is the backbone infrastructure of software development. While it may not be the coolest or hottest part of the software development process, it is a very necessary one. 

Why, you might ask?

Software delivery is about reduction of risk and waste, ROI on new features, and flow of value to our customers.  Yes, we have heard these definitions before, but how do these definitions really relate to our everyday lives? Continue reading

The 3 R’s in Continuous Delivery

We have all seen the latest buzzwords of Continuous Delivery over the last few years. The name “Continuous Delivery” gives a general idea of the practice: continuously deploying an application or code into a system. The word “continuous” does not provide the detail of what we are trying to achieve in the Continuous Delivery practices. This is where the 3R’s of Continuous Delivery come in: Reliable, Repeatable and Reusable. Continue reading

Three Golden Rules for Continuous Delivery

What are the three major golden rules for continuous delivery? Why are they important? In addition, how can these help an organization and team deliver software? In this blog post, I will be covering how the three golden rules for continuous delivery address and answer these questions.

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